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House of Dreams: Why We’re Addicted to Pinning

I recently spent a full, sunny (!) afternoon busily decorating my home, picking out gorgeous fabrics, lamps, plants and all that good stuff. Of course this was my imaginary, completely not real home. Which lives, in a way, on my Pinterest account. I’m obsessive about collecting these images and relish looking at their loveliness, weirdly, like an actual home, I believe my choice in virtual decor reflects well upon me.  Of course I have never and maybe will never own a home, I live in London… actually, scratch that, I live nowhere! I’ve just returned to England after travelling for several months, so technically I’m homeless. But when I do move into some place it is 100% going to be incredibly expensive rented accommodation. I’ve lived in house-shares my entire adult life; which are so fun, always a friend to share a bottle of Tempranillo with, parties, hungover breakfasts. However the drawback is that you don’t have a space that’s really yours. The house is literally owned by someone else, you are merely a paying …

Sweden in The Summer by Jamie Jonathan Ball

Jamie Jonathan Ball an artist and children’s book illustrator found a novel way to document his move from the UK to Scandinavia. Using photographs he’s taken as a starting point Jamie has created a series of beautiful illustrations that capture the summer in Stockholm and in various spots on the Aegean coastline. Jamie Jonathan Ball’s website Little Kingdoms chronicles his twin loves of illustration and travel.