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Next Stop… Portland, Oregon

I’m off on my travels again, this time for work but hopefully I’ll get a bit of downtime to explore the city of Portland, Oregon. If anyone has any tips for cool restaurants, gyms, cafes, shops – please comment and let me know. I’ll do some travel guides and reviews when I return so stay tuned. Sheree x

Pretty Poison, Canggu Review

I bloody loved Canngu (read my Canggu travel guide HERE) and I’m already planning on visiting again. One of the highlights of my time there was Pretty Poison. An awesome California-style skate bar and club on the edge of a rice field. My boyfriend and I drove there on our bikes, parked up and went in. We arrived around 7.30pm so it was super quiet – everything in Bali gets busy much later. I’m glad that we arrived so early though, as it meant we could see the place properly and we had time to get a tattoo before it got too busy. Getting the tattoo was a great experience, they used all the proper sealed and sanitised equipment but it was super-relaxed. I was having a beer and listening to hip hip – it doesn’t get any better. A small tat will set you back about £15. We visited on the hip hop night which saw classic tunes being spun back-to-back by local DJs as well as a live MC battle and live graffiti. …

Uluwatu Travel Guide 

I only spent two days in Uluwatu, Bali but I really enjoyed my time there. The scenery really is stunning and there’s a lot of beautiful Cliffside views and places to watch the sun go down over the ocean. GETTING AROUND The first thing to mention about Uluwatu is that this is not a walking spot. Most places are pretty spread out and the roads don’t have sidewalks, or streetlights – and due to the hilly topography of the area, the roads are super winding. So I would not recommend walking anywhere for your own safety. To get around, like most places in Bali, hire a scooter – they’re really cheap and make getting around so easy. I can’t drive (at all) but they’re super-easy to get the hang of. Just drive slow and wear a helmet and you’ll be fine. My housemate who I was travelling chose not to ride a bike for personal reasons and found that taxis were VERY expensive here (around £6 for a 5-minute journey which is ten times the …

Gili Teak Boutique Resort, Gili T. Review

  I’m usually very much a budget traveller – I’m happy enough to be in the sun and not working. But I do love a good hotel (read my hotel reviews HERE). So while in Indonesia this year I thought I’d treat my boyfriend and I to a chi chi place in Gili Trawangan. My friends Grace and Sean put me on to this place, so thanks guys. Gili Teak resort is on the quite side of Gili T. – and island known for its parties and as the rowdier sister to Gili Air and Gili Meno. I love Gili T. and the fact it’s busy and you can party on a night, but there is a quiet part, so you get the best of both worlds. After getting off the boat from Bali, the heavens opened and there was a huuuuge tropical thunderstorm, which made the 20 minute walk to the hotel from the boat more like 40 minutes. And I was terrified I was going to get struck by lightening – not to …

Just Sauced Lula Bikini Review 

After the first time I went to Bali, for a month, I realised that 90% of my time there was spent in a bikini. And as I only had a couple with me, it was basically the same bikini. So in all my photos I’m wearing the same one. Epic fail. So this time around I wasn’t going to be caught out. I wanted some sassy swimwear that no one else would have (always a risk if you head straight to Topshop). Enter Just Sauced, and independent swimwear label that I found on the ‘gram. Based in London, they make extra sexy bikinis and one pieces that draw inspiration from the 80s, Brazil and all things tropical. I chose the Lula, and OTT string triangle bikini with baby-pink ruffles, leopard print and really flattering cut. It’s very small, so not for the faint-hearted. But I often think, if you’re gonna show some skin, then commit to it. Anyway, check out their amazing range of ‘kinis for your next beach holiday. Just Sauced

The Cool Canggu Travel Guide

  My first time in Canggu [pronounced chan-goo], Bali was such a blast. You know when you arrive somewhere and just instantly love the vibe. It’s definitely a more western part of Bali, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially when the western bits are all the good parts I like from back home. There a surfer vibe, of course, being that the beach is supposedly home to some of the raddest waves (am I using that term correctly?) in Indonesia. Also there are lots of super cool clubs and bars to party at. Overall the vibe is super-chilled but there’s loads to go as well.   GETTING AROUND Canggu is a little more spread out than some places in Bali, so travelling on foot, especially at night isn’t a good option – like most of Bali, there are no sidewalks. Renting a scooter is the best option, you can usually do this for £2-4 a day, and petrol is a pittance (£1-2 a week). The taxis here are good too – reliable …

How to Choose a Bikini if You Have Dark Skin

This may seem like a frivolous subject but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bikini article dedicated to us brown ladies. If you’re buxom, slim, curvy, apple, pear, ginger… yes. But not black, brown or whatever. My experience is that a black bikini doesn’t suit my skin tome at all – it just doesn’t pop. The brighter, the better – if you have dark skin then rejoice, because we can pull off a bright yellow, orange or pink bikini easily. Bold patterns and prints also look amazing – basically, if you have dark skin you can wear most things – especially notoriously difficult shades like white. If your skin is pale that’ll wash you out in no time but on a bronzed bod, it works. Colours to stray away from are pastels – they’re just not flattering. Or anything too dark. WHERE I BOUGHT MY BIKINIS Leopard print – Missguided Blue – ASOS Pink frill – Just Sauced Pink bandeau – Depop Orange – New Look    

artifact uprising travel photo book

My Travel Photo Book by Artifact Uprising

It arrived, it finally arrived! Actually I only had to wait a mere week for my hardcover photo book by Artifact Uprising so I was caught off guard when the postman delivered it this morning, I thought it would take much longer to get here. I knew the way I wanted to commemorate my backpacking trip was with one of these babies, it’s such a lovely idea and a real novelty to look at photos that aren’t on a screen. Making the book could not have been easier, you can upload photographs from your computer or direct from you VSCO or Instagram account. Or a mix of the three like me. You can choose the layout of each page, colour of the book and the dust sleeve; creating a book that is totally unique to you. These memories are all so precious to me (I mean I had a lot of f*cking fun), and this book is perfect for preserving them. Hardcover Photo Book, Artifact Uprising